Bioaccumulation Monitoring

Cadmium concentrations in fish declined with distance from the S3 plume and PCBs were much higher in stonerollers collected near the Bear Creek burial grounds (BCK 9.9; Figure 1). 
Uranium concentrations were elevated in fish near the S3 plume, but remained high throughout Bear Creek (Figure 1). 

Figure 1. Mean concentrations of cadmium, uranium, and total PCBs in forage fish from Bear Creek and a reference stream (HCK20.6), 1994-1997.

Mercury concentrations in BCK 3.3 rock bass have increased by almost 100% over the past ten years without any known increases in aqueous inputs. The unusual seasonal pattern of mercury accumulation in fish also suggests that flow changes, and the resulting resuspension and movement of sediment, may be a factor in affecting contaminant concentrations in Bear Creek fish (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Mean mercury concentrations (g/g, wet wt.) in rock bass from BCK 3.3, 1990-1997.

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Last Modified: April 17, 2001