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One of the primary objectives of biomonitoring is to evaluate the impacts of contaminated surface water and groundwater on human health and the environment. One of the most critical factors in satisfying this objective is the process of collecting, processing, evaluating, and presenting data. BMAP staff track most all of the biological monitoring data collected on the Oak Ridge Reservation and conduct verification and validation of those data.



A UNIX workstation has been assigned to the BMAP and supports SAS, ORACLE, ARCVIEW, ARC/INFO and ERDAS Imagine software. Using a relational ORACLE database and a suite of SAS tools, BMAP data are prepared in a standardized format (Ready-to-Load) for transmittal to the OREIS database. Task specific analyses are also conducted using specialized GIS approaches.


Hydrology, geology and mercury visualization models were performed on:

The 3-D model and animations were prepared by W. Hargrove, University of Tennessee. The data sources of the DEM and the orthophotograph are the Environmental Restoration Program's GISST/GCM/CPED/LMES Basemapping and Imagery Project and the OREIS.


For more information regarding data management and GIS studies, please contact Sigurd W. Christensen..

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Last Modified: November 13, 2001