ARM - Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program
BMAP - Biological Monitoring and Abatement Program
CDIAC - Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CSiTE - Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Ecosystems
EBIS - Enriched Background Isotope Study
ESD - Environmental Sciences Division
ORNL DAAC - ORNL Distributed Active Archive Center
FACE - Free-Air CO2 Enrichment Facility
FRC - Field Research Center
GIS - Geograhic Information Systems Laboratory
GTEC - Global Terrrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Model
HERMES - Hierarchical Experimental Responses at Macromolecular to Ecosystem Scales
NARSTO QSSC- NARSTO - Quality Systems Science Center
NERP - National Environmental Research Park
ORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
OCCAM - Old-Field Community Climate and Atmospheric Manipulation
SOCCR - State of the Carbon Cycle Report
SPS - Seafloor Process Simulator
WBW - Melton Branch Watershed

Revised: 10/06/05

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