Biosciences Division


2008 Awards

ESD Distinguished Achievement Award Winners

Presented annually to staff in categories of administrative, technical, or operational support. Recipients provide timely and creative support, possess exceptional work ethic and productivity, have an ability to work effectively in a team environment, and strive for personal/professional growth.


Tammy Beaty

Tammy Beaty – Operational Support Award

Citation:  In recognition of sustained excellence in providing operational support to ESD research activities and in managing the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) facilities.

Roxanne Raschke

Roxanne Raschke – Administrative Support Award

Citation:  In recognition of dedicated administrative support to the BESD Work for Others Coordination Office; her outstanding skills and expertise continue to be of tremendous value to the directorate.

Jana Phillips

Jana Phillips – Technical Support Award (co-recipient)

Citation:  In recognition of outstanding work on projects ranging from field work to laboratory data production.  Her contributions have been executed with the highest standards thereby exemplifying her commitment to excellence.

Nancy Engle

Nancy Engle – Technical Support Award (co-recipient)

Citation:  In recognition of her outstanding productivity, organic synthesis skills, ability to collaborate effectively in a team setting, and continued professional growth that serve ORNL’s metabolomics research activities.