Environmental Chemistry & Technology

Research in the Environmental Chemistry and Technology spans from molecular-scale studies of biogeochemical transformation of contaminants, nano-materials, complex mineral-water interface chemistry and spectroscopy to field-scale investigations of contaminant fate and transport, environmental remediation, and technology development. Current major research activities include:

  1. Studies of the fundamental mechanisms of mercury and natural organic matter interactions and controls on Hg methylation and demethylation;
  2. Nano-materials synthesis and applications in photocatalysis and optical sensors, their environmental fate and transport;
  3. Biogeochemical transformation and transport of metals and radionuclides such as uranium (U) and technetium (Tc) in the subsurface environment;
  4. Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, chemical and biological detection, and environmental monitoring;
  5. Perchlorate removal and treatment in contaminated water, and its forensics in the environment. (Book)   

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