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The Effect of Soil Properties on Decreasing Toxic Metal Bioavailability: Field Scale Validation to Support Regulatory Acceptance

Draft Technology Demonstration Plan ESTCP ER-0517

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Supporting Data

  • CU-1166 -- Quantifying the Bioavailability of Toxic Metals in Soils
  • CU-1210 --
  • CU-1165 -- Development of Extraction Tests for Determining the Bioavailability of Metals in Soil
  • CU-0222 -- Validation of a Rapid and Low Cost Method for Prediction of the Oral Bioavailability of Lead from Small Arms Range Soils

Lead Organization
Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC), 1100 23rd Avenue, Code 411, Port Hueneme, CA 93043-4370, POC: Amy Hawkins, Phone: (805) 982-4890, DSN 551-4890, FAX (805) 982-4304, e-mail:

For more information, contact:
Philip Jardine (, 865-574-8058)