River Basin Management in Southern Africa

ORNL Collaboration with USAID in Southern Africa (Overview Presentation)

South Africa
Southern Africa Development Community: 15 shared river basins
Key Partners
  • Okavango Basin Commission (OKACOM)
  • Southern Africa Development Community (SADC)
Activities–TA & training
  • NRM governance
  • Protocols for Water and Biodiversity
  • Mechanism for dialogue (commissions of riparian states)
  • Data collection and management

Development Challenge

  • Water scarcity
  • Competition among states and uses
  • Human welfare and biodiversity
  • Improve collaborative management of shared river basin resources
  • Support monitoring
  • Evaluation
  • Design
  • Technical analysis
  • Management
  • Evaluation
  • Action Plans
  • Revised PMP
  • RFP and supporting documents

Fact Sheet

Examples of documents developed with ORNL support

Progress Reports

For more information, contact:
Keith Kline (klinekl@ornl.gov, 865-574-4230)