Selected Current and Recent Projects


  • ORNL’s Sustainable Campus Initiative
  • Global bioenergy feedstock supply
  • Cumberland River Basin Energy-Water System pilot study, energy-water nexus


  • Weatherization Assistance Program evaluation
  • Non-energy impacts of energy-oriented water and wastewater treatment projects

Emerging Technologies

  • Incorporating ELSI into the DOE Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences
  • Intellectual property rights management for emerging technologies: Implications for R&D and deployment

Technology Acceptability and Adoption/Market Penetration

  • Limits to market penetration of energy-efficiency technologies, supply-chain analysis
  • Using genetically altered microorganisms for remediation: Determinants of societal acceptance

Regional Economic Analyses

  • Regional Recruiting Potential Model, an easy-to-use tool employing a market area approach to analyze demographic, economic, and military personnel data for effective recruiting and retention by the US Army National Guard
  • On-Line Diversity Awareness Tool, a dynamic on-line tool that provides civilian and military demographic profiles
  • Erroneous Payments Estimator, a statistically valid and scientifically rigorous procedure that can be applied consistently across Department of Education programs to estimate the risk of erroneous payments
  • Institutional Assessment Model, a risk assessment tool to detect the need for intervention to improve institutional compliance; U.S. Department of Education
  • Maritime Input-Output Model, a model for predicting direct and indirect economic impacts associated with system-wide transportation infrastructure improvements
  • National Infrastructure Information System, a tool for predicting localized supply constraints for military organizations charged with disaster relief
  • Transportation-related economic impacts analysis, a comprehensive analysis of statewide economic impacts from transit activities in rural and urban areas

Science-User Interface/Conduct of Science

  • Communications strategy development and implementation, subsurface fate and transport field research center
  • Integrating societal concerns into a bioremediation field research center: Developing and implementing a communications strategy
  • Factors that promote and inhibit group-level originality, creativity, and success in a science and technology research organization
  • Integrating ecological indicator research with resource managers’ needs