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Partners in ORR Native Grass Communities Restoration Project

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) -- Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a multiprogram science and technology laboratory of the Department of Energy (DOE). ORNL's mission is to conduct basic and applied research that provides innovative solutions to complex problems.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) -- The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency's mission is to preserve, conserve, protect, and enhance the state's fish and wildlife and their habitats for the use, benefit, and enjoyment of the citizens of Tennessee and its visitors.

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) -- The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation was created to protect and improve the quality of the state’s land, air, water, and recreation resources.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) -- TVA's threefold mission is to provide affordable and reliable power, promote sustainable economic development, and act as a steward of the natural resources of the Tennessee Valley.

Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere (SAMAB) -- SAMAB is a cooperative organization made up of 11 federal and 3 state natural resource agencies. The Oak Ridge National Environmental Research Park is a member of the organization.

Native Gardens Nursery -- Native Gardens Nursery, located in Loudon County, Tennessee, has been growing and selling native plants since 1983.

Invasive Plant Control -- Since 1997, Invasive Plant Control's sole purpose has been the management of invasive species nationwide.

Certified Services Corporation is a professional weed control company that treats invasive plants such as kudzu.

Oak Ridge Operations Office -- DOE's Oak Ridge Office (ORO) is very diverse, with major programs in science, environmental management, nuclear fuel supply, and national security. Most of its programs are performed in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, at three major facilities located on the Oak Ridge Reservation.

UT-Battelle -- UT-Battelle, a not-for-profit company, was established to manage and operate Oak Ridge National Laboratory for DOE.

Bechtel Jacobs Corporation -- Bechtel Jacobs Company is the environmental management contractor for DOE's Oak Ridge Operations Office in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Y-12 -- The Y-12 National Security Complex is part of DOE's National Nuclear Security Administration.

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Last Updated: September 3, 2008