This is a brief description of studies that exemplify the methods and approaches that have been developed and used by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) researchers in conducting integrated assessments. See the complete list of Integrated Assessment Briefs to find out more about ORNL's efforts in integrated assessment. Contact Mike Farrell ( for more information.

Energy Division

The Energy Division's mission is to provide innovative solutions to energy and related issues of national and global importance through interdisciplinary research and development. The division is committed to:

Disciplines represented in the division include engineering, social sciences, physical and life sciences, and computer sciences and data systems.

The division's programmatic activities cover three main areas: (1) analysis and assessment, (2) energy conservation technologies, and (3) transportation systems. Analysis and assessment activities involve energy and resource analysis, preparation of environmental assessments and impact statements, research and emergency preparedness, transportation analysis, and analysis of energy and environmental needs in developing countries.

Energy use and delivery of technologies focus on electric power systems, building equipment, building envelopes (walls, foundations, roofs, attics and materials), and methods to improve energy efficiency in existing buildings. Transportation systems research is conducted both to improve the quality of civilian transportation and for sponsors within the U.S. military to improve the efficiency of deployment, scheduling, and transportation coordination.

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