This is a brief description of studies that exemplify the methods and approaches that have been developed and used by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) researchers in conducting integrated assessments. See the complete list of Integrated Assessment Briefs to find out more about ORNL's efforts in integrated assessment. Contact Mike Farrell ( for more information.

Health Sciences Research Division

The Health Sciences Research Division (HSRD) of Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducts a broad range of basic and applied research in the general area of life sciences. Cause-effect mechanisms of action are studied at several levels of biological structure that include subatomic, atomic, molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, and organism toxicological perspectives.

HSRD has developed an almost unique capacity for analytical study that includes source evaluation, environment transport, field characterization, biomonitoring, and dose-response analysis. The integrated processes span from the conceptual interface--biological and chemical processes merge into physical interactions--to various toxicological endpoints in cells, laboratory animals, and humans.

In addition, basic radiological, chemical, and biological processes are used to predict potential risks to humans from exposures to hazardous agents for which (1) no directly relevant databases are available, (2) available data are ambiguous as demonstrated by electric/magnetic fields and low concentrations of established hazardous chemicals, or (3) exposures may illicit an untoward response only when combined with joint exposures to other insults.

Research areas include basic, applied, and project-specific studies for the Department of Energy, other federal agencies, and industry in support of:

More than 200 regular staff members are organized into areas of assessment technology, biological and radiation physics, biological and information analysis, chemical physics, environmental technology, and risk analysis. These sections are supported by about 250 subcontractors, guests, fellows, and students and enable HSRD to maintain strong international leadership in many areas.

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