Biosciences Division


Nancy L. Engle

Nancy L. Engle

Plant Systems Biology Group
Environmental Sciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6341
Phone: (865)241-6171
Fax: (865)241-1555


  • B.A., Chemistry ACS Certified, Rollins College, 1996
  • A.A. Honors Degree, Valencia Community College, 1994

Research Interests:

  • Plant Metabolomics
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Separations Chemistry
  • Instrumentation including: GC/MS and NMR

Recent Publications:

  • Crystalline hydrogen-bonded nanocolumns of cyclic thiourea octamers (CrystEngComm, 2007)
  • Combined Extraction of Cesium and Strontium from Alkaline Nitrate Solutions (Solvent Extr. Ion Exch., 2006)
  • An Equilibrium Model of Pseudo-Hydroxide Extraction in the Separation of Sodium Hydroxide from Aqueous Solutions Using Lipophilic Fluorinated Alcohols and Phenols (Sci. Technol., 2005)