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Ecological Modeling for Resource Management
Table of Contents



Part 1. Introduction

  1. The Value of Ecological Modeling for Resource Management -- Virginia Dale

Part 2. Examples of Using Ecological Models for Resource Management

  1. Modeling for Endangered Species Recovery: Gray Wolves in the Western Great Lakes Region -- Jean Cochran, Robert Haight, and Anthony Starfield
  2. Modeling Fish Entrainment and Impingement Impacts: Bridging Science and Policy -- Webb Van Winkle and John Kadvany
  3. Large Scale Regional Assessments: Lessons Learned from the Southern Appalachian Assessment -- David Wear

Part 3. Key Issues

  • Barriers

  1. Overcoming Barriers to the Use of Models in Environmental Decision Making -- Mark Harwell and Jack Gentile
  2. Barriers to the Use of Ecological Models in Decision Making -- Virginia Dale, Chris Rewerts, Webb Van Winkle, Mark Harwell, Mike Vasiesich, and Steve Hodapp

  • Evolving Approaches

  1. Network Approaches to Landscape Conservation -- Tim Keitt
  2. Evolving Approaches and Technologies to Enhance the Role of Ecological Modeling in Decision Making -- Eric Gustafson, John Nestler, Louis Gross, Keith Reynolds, Daniel Yaussy, Thomas Maxwell, and Virginia Dale

  • Data

  1. Data and Information Issues in Modeling for Resource Management Decision Making: Communication is the Key -- John Richardson and Cory Berish
  2. Effective Ecological Modeling for Use in Management Decisions: Data Issues -- Dave Hohler, Tom Ashwood, John Richardson, Lisa Olsen, Noble Hendrix, and Alison Williams

  • Toolkits

  1. Effective Use of Ecological Modeling in Management: the Toolkit Concept -- Steve Bartell
  2. Role of Computational Toolkits in Environmental Management -- Jeff Holland, Steven M. Bartell, Thomas G. Hallam, Tom Purucker, and Christopher J.E. Welsh

  • Investments Needed

  1. Science and Management Investments Needed to Enhance the Use of Ecological Modeling in Decision Making -- Lev Ginzburg and Resit Akçakaya
  2. Education Investments in Environmental Science and Management -- Tom Maxwell, Jim Berkson, Tania Schoennagel, Karen A. Poiani, and Robert Costanza

Part 4. Finale

  1. What in the World Is Worth Fighting for? Using Models for Environmental Security -- Chris King and Virginia Dale
  2. New Directions in Ecological Modeling for Resource Management -- Virginia Dale


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Updated: March 6, 2002