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Subsurface Biogeochemical Research (SBR) Contractor-Grantee Workshop


Biogeochemical and Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Mercury Transformation at a Contaminated Site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. Liang, L., S. Brooks, D. Elias, J. Smith, C. Gilmour, S. Miller, F. More, J. Schaefer, L. Shi, A. Summers, J. Wall, H. Zhang, C. Miller, A. Biswas, A. Johs, J. Parks, G. Southworth, A. Palumbo, S. Brown, C. Brandt, T. Vishnivetskaya, H. Guo, K. Kemner, W. Dong, and M. Drake.

Site Biogeochemical Processes and Microcosm Studies (Hg SFA at ORNL). Brooks, S.C., G.R. Southworth, X. Yin, A. Biswas, C. Miller, D. Elias, M.M. Drake, and J.J. Mosher.

Mercury Methylation: Genes and Communities Involved in Hg Transformations (Hg SFA at ORNL, Microbial Genetic Study Task). Elias, D.A., T.A. Vishnivetskaya, J.D. Mosher, M.M. Drake, S.D. Brown, C.C. Brandt, S.C. Brooks, C.C. Gilmour, A.M. Kucken, J.D. Wall, and A.V. Palumbo.

Fundamental Understanding of the Mechanisms and Geochemical Controls on the Speciation and Transformation of Mercury. Gu, B., C. Miller, Y. Bian, G. Southworth, H.V. Guo, X. Yin, W. Dong, K. Kemner, K. Nagy, H. Zhang, J. Schaefer, F. Morel, and L. Liang.

Mercury Methylation: Genetic Determinants of Methylmercury Production in the Sulfate-reducing Bacterium Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132 (Hg SFA at ORNL, Microbial Genetic Study Task). Kucken, A.M., C.C. Gilmour, S.D. Brown, D.A. Elias, S.D. Smith, A.V. Palumbo, and J.D. Wall.

Molecular Structure and Dynamics of Mercury Biotransformations. Johs, A., J.M. Parks, H.-B. Guo, L. Shi, S.M. Miller, A.O. Summers, J.C. Smith,and L. Liang.

Specific Uptake of Hg-thiol Complexes in Geobacter Sulfurreducens as Compared to Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132. Schaefer, J.K., S.S. Rocks, B. Gu, L. Liang, and F.M.M. Morel.