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Subsurface Biogeochemical Research (SBR) Principal Investigator Meeting


ORNL SFA: Biogeochemical and Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Mercury Transformation in Contaminated Environments. Liang, L., C. Brandt, S. Brooks, S. Brown, M. Drake, D. Elias, B. Gu, F. He, H.-B. Guo, R. Hurt, A. Johs, D. Kocman, C. Miller, J. Moberly, A. Palumbo, J. Parks, Y. Qian, D. Riccardi, J. Smith, S. Tomanicek, and W. Zheng.

Site Biogeochemical Processes and Microcosm Studies. Brooks, S.C., C. Miller, C. Brandt, M.A. Bogle, D. Kocman, X. Yin, Y. Qian, R. Landis, and J. Dyer.

Understanding the Mechanisms and Geochemical Controls on the Speciation and Transformation of Mercury. Gu, B., W. Zheng, F. He, C. Miller, B. Mishra, Y. Bian, H.-B. Guo, X. Yin, H. Zhang, K. Kemner, J. Schaefer, F. Morel, and L. Liang.

Active Transport, Substrate Specificity, and Methylation of Hg(II) in Anaerobic Bacteria. Schaefer, J.K., S.S. Rocks, W. Zheng, L. Liang, B. Gu, and F.M.M. Morel.

Mercury Methylation: Genetic and Physiological Determinants of Methylmercury Production in Sulfate-reducing Bacteria. Elias, D.A., A.M. Kucken, R.A. Hurt, A.M. Graham, J.G. Moberly, S.D. Brown, M. Podar, S.D. Smith, A.V. Palumbo, J.D. Wall, and C.C. Gilmour.

Mercury Methylation: Microbial Communities Involved in Hg Transformations. Moberly, J.G., R.A. Hurt, T.A. Vishnivetskaya, J.J. Mosher, S.D. Brown, C.C. Brandt, C.C. Gilmour, J.D. Wall, M. Podar, M.M. Drake, A.V. Palumbo, and D.A. Elias.

Molecular Structure and Dynamics of Mercury Biotransformations. Johs, A., J.M. Parks, H.-B. Guo, S.J. Tomanicek, L. Shi, I.M. Harwood, R. Nauss, S.M. Miller, A.O. Summers, L. Olliff, J.C. Smith, L. Liang, and H.R. Clinton.

Visualizing Intramolecular Interactions of the Mercuric Reductase (MerA) Catalytic Core with Its Hg(II) Shuttling Metallochaperone Domain (NmerA). Johs, A., I.M. Harwood, J.M. Parks, R. Nauss, J.C. Smith, S.M. Miller, and L. Liang.