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Subsurface Biogeochemical Research (SBR) Principal Investigator Meeting


Biogeochemical Processes and Hg Cycling in Contaminated Sediments of East Fork Poplar Creek, Oak Ridge, TN. Brooks, S.C., C. Miller, C. Brandt, D. Kocman, A. Riscassi, X. Yin, Y. Qian, R. Landis, and J. Dyer.

Mercury Methylation: Genetics and Physiology of Methylmercury Production. Graham, A.M., R. Bridou, R.A. Hurt, S.D. Brown, M. Podar, S.D. Smith, A.V. Palumbo, J.D. Wall, C.C. Gilmour, and D.A. Elias.

Mercury Redox Cycling and Species Transformation Affected by Complex Interactions with Natural Organic and Thiolate Compounds. Gu, B., W. Zheng, H. Hu, F. He, B. Rao, and L. Liang.

Effects of Molecular Structure and Functional Groups of Organic Ligands on Photochemical Transformation of Mercury and Methylmercury. He, F., Y. Qian, W. Zheng, J. Demers, B. Rao, X. Yin, J. Blum, L. Liang, and B. Gu.

Spatial and Seasonal Relationships Between Surface Water Total and Methylmercury, Dissolve Organic Matter and Particulates in East Fork Poplar Creek, Oak Ridge, TN. Miller, C., S.C. Brooks, D. Kocman, A. Riscassi, X. Yin, and Y. Qian.

Structural and Computational Analysis of MerR's Unique Allosteric Activation of mer Operon Transcription. Johs, A., S.J. Tomanicek, H-B. Guo, L. Liang, A.O. Summers, M. Sharp, and J.C. Smith.

Molecular Scale Interactions and Transformations of Mercury in the Environment. Johs, A., J.M. Parks, H-B. Guo, S.J. Tomanicek, L. Hong, L. Liang, M. Sharp, M. Ohl, L. Shi, R. Nauss, S.M. Miller, A.O. Summers, D. Riccardi, and J.C. Smith.

Biogeochemical and Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Contaminant Transformation in the Environment. Liang, L., C.C. Brandt, S.C. Brooks, S.D. Brown, D.A. Elias, B. Gu, A. Johs, C. Miller, M. Podar, J.M. Parks, J.M. C.C. Gilmour, S.M. Miller, J.C. Smith, A. Summers, and J.D. Wall.

Mercury Methylation: Microbial Communities Involved in Hg Transformations. Moberly, J.G., R.A. Hurt, T.A. Vishnivetskaya, S.D. Brown, C.C. Brandt, M. Podar, A.V. Palumbo, and D.A. Elias.