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11th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant


What Could Be the Genetic Mechanisms Behind Mercury Methylation and Why Has it Eluded Us for So Long? Elias, D.A., J.M. Parks, A. Johs, M. Podar, R. Bridou, R.A. Hurt, S.D. Smith, S.J. Tomanicek, Y. Qian, S.D. Brown, C.C. Brandt, A.V. Palumbo, J.C. Smith, J.D. Wall, and L. Liang.

Complex Interactions Between Mercury (Hg) and Natural Organic Matter and Microorganisms on Hg Redox Transformation in Anoxic Environments. Gu, B., H. Hu, Y. Bian, W. Zheng, X. Feng, D.A. Elias, and L. Liang.

The Reduction, Oxidation, and Methylation of Mercury by Anaerobic Microorganisms. Hu, H., X. Feng, D.A. Elias, L. Liang, and B. Gu.

Photolytic Redox Transformation of Mercury and Degradation of Methylmercury as Influenced by Complexing Organic Ligands. Liang, L., F. He, H-B. Guo, Y. Qian, and B. Gu.

Factors Influencing Sediment Methylmercury Concentrations in a Mercury Contaminated Creek. Miller, C., S. Brooks, A. Riscassi, D. Kocman, and X. Yin.


Quantum Chemical Studies of the Hydration of Hg2+ with Comparisons to Other Divalent Metal Cations. Riccardi, D., H-B. Guo, J.M. Parks, B. Gu, L. Liang, and J.C. Smith.