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Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry North American 34th Annual Meeting


Mercury-Cell Surface Interactions on Mercury Methylation by Geobacter sulfurreducens PCA. Lin, H., B. Rao, R.A. Hurt, D.A. Elias, L. Liang, and B. Gu.

Characterization of Mercury Interactions with Individual Molecular Species in Natural Organic Matter. Mann, B.F., R.L. Hettich, L. Liang, and B. Gu.

Comparison of Hg and MeHg Cycling in a Contaminated Creek with Uncontaminated Systems. Miller, C., A. Riscassi, X. Yin and S. Brooks.

Methylmercury Photodegradation Affected by the Presence of Organic Ligands. Qian, Y., B. Gu, B. Rao, and L. Liang.

Profiling Mercury Binding Thiol Groups in Natural Organic Matter and Methylating Bacteria Using Fluorescent Spectroscopy. Rao, B.A., C. Roop, B. Mann, H. Lin, L. Liang, and B. Gu.

Mercury: Binding, Methylation and Demethylation. Smith, J.


Storm Dynamics of Hg and MeHg in an Industrially Contaminated Creek: What Can Tt Tell Us About Source Areas of Hg and MeHg Within the Catchment? Riscassi, A.L., S. Brooks, C. Miller, and X. Yin.