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Bioremediation Pilots and Demonstrations at Dover AFB


  • ESD assists Dover AFB in conduction bioremediation pilots and demonstration to develop technology applicable to remediation of DoD sites.
  • Current projects include an in situ accelerated anaerobic biodegradation (AAB) project to treat chlorinated solvents with URS.
  • ORNL participats in several other remediaiton activites at the base.

The Problem

  • Remediation and characterization of the source area at Building 719 is limited in part by the inaccessible location of source contaminants underneath the building foundation.
  • Contaminants are attributed to engine cleaning activities conducted in the building and include trichloroethene (TCE) 1,1,1-trichloroethane (1,1,1-TCA), and their degradation products.
  • The AAB system was installed to remediate contaminated groundwater in the source area and minimize the continued contribution to the dissolved plume extending approximately one mile down gradient.

Target Areas

The System

  • The AAB system establishes hydraulic control in the source area by recirculating groundwater through injection and extraction wells located outside Building 719.
  • A carbon substrate (sodium lactate) and metabolic nutrients (dibasic ammonium phosphate [DAP]) are added to the recirculated groundwater as it is reinjected to enhance the natural microbial population at the site.

Well System

The Results

  • Stoichiometric degradation of TCE to ethane in the deep portion of the reactive zone provides evidence that complete reductive dechlorination is occurring.
  • Comparison of chlorinated ethene concentrations for groundwater entering the reactive zone to groundwater passing out of the deep art of the reactive zone shows destruction rates above 98 percent.
  • After three years of operation, the Building 719 system has proven to be an effective remediation remedy for the shallow chlorinated solvent source area while causing very little disruption to the critical activities at the site.

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More Information

For more information, contact:
Aleisa Bloom (, 865-241-9255)
Tony Palumbo (, 865-576-8002)

Revised: 8/12/05

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