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The Environmental Analysis Group (within the Environmental Sciences Division) is the lead organization at ORNL for coordinating and preparing National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analyses sponsored by a variety of Federal agencies. The professional skills that we have developed from these activities since the enactment of NEPA in 1969 make ORNL a nationally recognized center for environmental impact studies. Our environmental expertise spans a variety of topics that are relevant not only in our NEPA studies but also in other research endeavors, including site characterization for waste disposal facilities, transportation risk assessments, and socioeconomic impacts of technological change.


The diversity and quality of the Environmental Impact Analysis research activities is reflected in the variety of published reports and articles produced each year by the staff. These publications include representative journal articles, technical reports and books, proceedings, and environmental analyses authored by ORNL staff and published by our sponsoring agencies or by refereed periodicals. These publications are an important part of our commitment to disseminate useful information in our areas of expertise, such as environmental and economic policy analysis, waste management, environmental remediation, environmental impact assessment, and global change analysis.

For more information, contact:
Greg Zimmerman (, 865-574-5815)
Lance McCold (, 865-574-5216)
Robert Miller (, 865-576-0751)
James Saulsbury (, 865-574-4694)

Revised: 8/15/05

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