Research · Science Areas

Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences

Develop methods and models; conduct analyses; and produce tools that address key issues at the intersection of science, technology, society, and policy.

  • Energy Systems Analysis
  • Transportation
  • Emergency Management
  • Global Environmental-Energy Issues
  • Bioenergy Systems Resource and Engineering Analysis
  • Decision Support
  • Society-technology Interactions

Major Programs and Projects
This section is currently under construction.

Research Staff
Bjornstad, David
Downing, Mark
D'Urso, Victoria
Foust, Cheri
Gant, Kathy
Lee, Russell
Leiby, Paul
Oladosu, Gbadebo
Peelle, Elizabeth
Perlack, Robert
Rizy, Colleen
Schweitzer, Martin
Shumpert, Barry
Sorensen, Barbara
Sokhansanj, Shahab
Sorensen, John
Terry, Jim
Tonn, Bruce
Turhollow, Anthony
Vogt, David
Wilbanks, Tom
Wolfe, Amy
Zimmerman, Greg

For more information, contact:
Mark Downing - Group Leader, Bioenergy Resource & Engineering Systems
Paul Leiby - Group Leader, Energy Analysis
Tom Wilbanks - Group Leader, MultiScale Energy-Environmental Systems
Amy Wolfe - Group Leader, Society-Technology Interactions
Greg Zimmerman - Group Leader, Consequence Analysis & Management

Revised: 10/11/05

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