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Located on the Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the Remediation of Mercury and Industrial Contaminants Applied Field Research Initiative (RoMIC-AFRI) was established to protect water resources by addressing the challenge of environmental contamination.

The initiative at Oak Ridge is a collaborative effort that leverages DOE investments in basic science and applied research and the work of site contractors to address the complex challenges in the remediation of legacy waste at the Oak Ridge reservation.

The initiative will provide innovative tools and approaches for locating, characterizing, predicting, and monitoring the flux of mercury and other key industrial contaminants that are found in surface water, groundwater, and biota at the three DOE facilities in Oak Ridge. Additionally the initiative will support the evaluation of the potential impact of deactivation and decommissioning (D&D) activities on changes in the subsurface flow paths and contaminant releases.

East Fork Poplar Creek, Oak Ridge, TN.

Historic aerial photo and sources of mercury.

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