Tony Bryan

Biosciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Telephone : (865) 241-4705
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Anthony Bryan

Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • PhD Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona, 2011
  • B.S. Biology, Emory University, 2000

Research Interests:

    Molecular and cellular biologist experienced in deciphering signaling pathways, validating targets from GWAS analyses and applying various molecular techniques to research problems in plant-environment interactions, genomics, bioenergy crop production and agricultural crop sustainability. I am interested in utilizing my expertise to continue research in crop sustainability with the goal of uncovering products, methods or technologies that can be employed in the agricultural industry. With cross-discipline research the name of the game, I am dedicated to interacting across scientific fields to provide immediate deliverables to work towards enhanced crop sustainability.

Recent Publications

  • Payyavula RS, Bali G, Jawdy S, Yee KL, Bryan, AC, Engle NL, Sykes R, Weston D, Rodriguez Jr M, Gunter L, Decker S, Chen JG, Davis MF, Ragauskas A, Tschaplinski TJ, Tuskan GA, Kalluri UC. 2015. KORRING A-like genes are important in cellulose biosynthesis and carbon allocation and partitioning in Populus plants. J Exp Bot. In press.
  • Muchero W, Guo J, Difazio SP, Chen JG, Ranjan P, Slavov GT, Gunter LE, Jawdy S, Bryan, AC, Sykes R, Ziebell A, Klapste J, Porth I, Skyba O, Unda F. (2015) High-resolution Genetic Mapping of Allelic Variants Associated With Cell Wall Chemistry in Populus. BMC Genomics 16 (1):24.
  • Ma C, Guo J, Kang Y, Doman K, Bryan, AC, Tax FE, Yamaguchi Y, Qi Z. (2014) AtPEPTIDE RECEPTOR2 mediates the AtPEPTIDE1-induced cytosolic Ca(2+) rise, which is required for the suppression of Glutamine Dumper gene expression in Arabidopsis roots. J Integr Plant Biol. 56(7):684-94.
  • Racolta A, Bryan, AC, Tax FE. (2014) The receptor-like kinases GSO1 and GSO2 together regulate root growth in arabidopsis through control of cell division and cell fate specification. Dev Dyn. 2014 243(2):257-78.
  • Bryan AC, Obaidi A, Weirzba M, Tax FE. (2012) XYLEM INTERMIXED WITH PHLOEM1, a Leucine Rich Repeat Receptor-like Kinase required for stem growth and vascular development in Arabidopsis thaliana. Planta 235(1):111–22.
  • Bryan, AC, Racolta, A., Tax, F. and S. Liljegren. The social network: receptor kinases and cell fate determination in plants. (2011) Chapter in “Receptor-like Kinases in Plants: From Development to Defense”, Editors Birgit Kemmerling and Frans Tax, in the book series Signaling and Communication in Plants (ed. Frantisek Baluska), (In press).
  • Nodine MD, Bryan AC, Racolta A, Jerosky KV, Tax FE. (2011) A few standing for many: embryo receptor-like kinases. Trends in Plant Science 16(4):211–7.
  • Yamaguchi Y, Huffaker A, Bryan AC, Tax FE, Ryan CA. (2010) PEPR2 Is a Second Receptor for the Pep1 and Pep2 Peptides and Contributes to Defense Responses in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 22:508–22

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