photo of Nancy Engle standing in greenhouse

Biosciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Telephone : (865) 241-6171
Email : Nancy Engle

Nancy Engle

Senior Technician

  • B.A., Chemistry ACS Certified, Rollins College, 1996
  • A.A. Honors Degree, Valencia Community College, 1994

Research Interests:

  • Plant Metabolomics
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Separations Chemistry
  • Instrumentation including: GC/MS and NMR

Recent Publications:

  • Hui Shen, Charleson R Pooviah, Angela Ziebell, Timothy J Tschaplinski, Sivakumar Pattathil, Erica Gjersing, Nancy L Engle, Rui Katahira, Yunqiao Pu, Robert Sykes, Fang Chen, Arthur J Ragauskas, Jonathan R Mielenz, Michael G Hahn, Mark Davis, Neal Stewart Jr and Richard A Dixon. “Enhanced characteristics of genetically modified switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) for high biofuel production.” Biotechnology for Biofuels, in press
  • Douwe van der Veen, Jonathan Lo, Steven D. Brown, Courtney M. Johnson, Timothy J. Tschaplinski, Madhavi Martin, Nancy L. Engle, Robert A. van den Berg, Aaron D. Argyros, Nicky C. Caiazza, Adam M. Guss, and Lee R. Lynd. “ Characterization of Clostridium Education and Training thermocellum strains with disrupted fermentation end product pathways.” Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology DOI 10.1007/s10295–013–1275–5
  • Kridelbaugh, D.M., Nelson, J., Engle, N.L., Tschaplinski, T.J., Graham, D.E. “Nitrogen and Sulfur Requirements for Clostridium thermocellum and Caldicellulosiruptor bescii on Cellulosic Substrates in Minimal Nutrient Media.”, Bioresource Technology vol 130, 125–135 (2013), doi:
  • Yee, K. L., Rodriguez, M, Jr., Tschaplinshki, T. J., Engle, N. L., Martin, M. Z., Fu, C., Wang, Z.- Y., Hamilton-Brehm, S., and J. R. Mielenz. “Evaluation of the bioconversion of genetically modified switchgrass using simultaneous saccharification and fermentation and a consolidated bioprocessing approach.” Biotechnol. Biofuel. 5: 81. 2012.
  • Timothy J Tschaplinski, Robert F Standaert, Nancy L Engle, Madhavi Z Martin, Amandeep K Sangha, Jerry M Parks, Jeremy C Smith, Reichel Samuel, Nan Jiang, Yunqiao Pu, Arthur J Ragauskas, Choo Y Hamilton, Chunxiang Fu, Zeng-Yu Wang, Brian H Davison and Richard A Dixon. “Down-regulation of the Caffeic acid O-methyltransferase Gene in Switchgrass Reveals a Novel Monolignol Analog.” Biotechnology for Biofuels, 5:71 (21 Sep 2012)
  • Shihui Yang, Richard J Giannone, Lezlee Dice, Zamin K Yang, Nancy L Engle, Timothy J Tschaplinski, Robert L Hettich and Steven D Brown. “Clostridium thermocellum ATCC27405 transcriptomic, metabolomic and proteomic profiles after ethanol stress.” BMC Genomics 13, 336, (2012).
  • Van Dyk M.M., Kullan A.R.K., Mizrachi E., Hefer C.A., Van Rensburg L.J., Newman D., Coetzer N., Tschaplinski T.J., Cushman K.C., Engle N.L., Tuskan G.A., Jones N., Kanzler A., Bayley A., Myburg A.A. “Identifying genomic regions involved in growth, wood property, transcript and metabolite variation in an F–2 pseudo-backcross pedigree of Eucalyptus grandis x Eucalyptus urophylla.” South African Journal of Botany. 79: 218–218. (2012)
  • Li, Y., Tschaplinski, T. J., Engle, N. L., Hamilton, C. Y., Rodriguez, M., Liao, J. C., Schadt, C.W., Guss, A. M., Yang, Y.-F., and D. E. Graham. “Combined inactivation of the Clostridium cellulolyticum lactate and malate dehydrogenase genes substantially increases ethanol yield from cellulose and switchgrass fermentations.” Biotechnology for Biofuels 5, 2, (2012).

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