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Biomass Energy Development in Yunnan Province, China

The planting of hundreds of thousands of acres of plantations in hilly headwater areas of Yunnan Province, China, may serve a dual purpose as a source of renewable energy in rural areas and as a provider of benefits to erodible soils, hydrology, and wildlife.

A plantation of Eucalyptus globulus in Yunnan Province, China, was recently thinned.

Can biomass energy plantations generate electricity to meet the needs of remote areas of Asis?

Sites with a biomass resource potential of 24,000 to 45,000 dry Mg/year were identified in the Central Yunnan Province.

The level of feedstock production would be sufficient to fuel a 20-MW conversion plant operating with a margin of safety sufficient to cover all but plantation catastrophic failures.

The cost of electricity generation was estimated to be competitive with alternative generation sources.

Perlack, R. D., J. W. Ranney, and M. Russell. 1991. Biomass energy development in Yunnan Province, China. ORNL/TM-11791. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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