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Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources

Number of case studies of effects of climate change on water resources are shown by research subject and by type of climate change scenario.

How extensive is the literature about water resource impacts of climate change, and has the water resource research community carried investigations to the water planning, use, and management level?

An online search of water resource-related publications for the period 1985-90, conducted in October 1990, yielded 102 references related to climate change impacts.

Hypothetical climate scenarios and scenarios based on general circulation models are the dominant types of climate scenarios used in case studies. Other approaches, however, such as examinations of resource response under past anomalous climate conditions have been employed.

Studies of how the basis of climate scenarios affect predictions of water resource impacts are needed.

Chang, L. H., C. T. Hunsaker, and J. D. Draves. 1992. Recent research on effects of climate change on water resources. Water Resources Bulletin 28(2): 1-14.

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