This is a brief description of studies that exemplify the methods and approaches that have been developed and used by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) researchers in conducting integrated assessments. See the complete list of Integrated Assessment Briefs to find out more about ORNL's efforts in integrated assessment. Contact Mike Farrell ( for more information.

Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment for Policies

Tiering of environmental documents shows the impact of national programs and policies. Examples of documents are programmatic environmental impact statements (PEISs), environmental impact statements (EISs), and environmental assessments (EAs).

How should the principles of integrated assessment be applied to governmental decisions on policies, plans, and programs?

In Europe, the principles of integrated environmental assessment are currently applied to single projects and occasionally to programs. A United Nations Task Force for the European Community, headed by the United States, considered whether and how assessment principles could be applied to governmental policies, plans, and programs.

The task force concluded that many assessment principles can and should be applied early in the process of policy formulation. However, there were concerns about public participation and review procedures, particularly in light of security or military questions. The task force suggested measures that can be taken to address these concerns.

The work of the task force supports European Community directives dealing with use of environmental assessment in member nation decision making.

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