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Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean

Possible increases in national energy consumption by major Latin American countries over 1985 levels by the year 2000 are shown. The lines extending from the bars indicate the upper and lower ranges of the projection.

What will the energy needs of Latin America and the Caribbean be for the remaining years of the century? Can enhanced hemispheric cooperation meet the region's energy challenges and improve its development prospects?

Modest economic growth will raise the consumption of energy services ~40 to 100% over 1985 levels by 2000.

Most countries will be unable to sustain enough economic growth to reduce their current debt burdens.

The region's development prospects can be improved by utility management, assistance with energy price reform, and environmental safeguards.

Jones, D. W. 1991. Forces shaping energy consumption in five Latin American nations, 1985- 2000. OPEC Review 15(3):277-99.

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