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ESD Contacts



Division Director
Gary K. Jacobs
email: jacobsgk@ornl.gov
phone: (865)574-7374

Division Secretary
Gina O'Brien
phone: (865)574-7374

Web address: http://www.esd.ornl.gov/
Webmaster: envsci@ornl.gov

Fax (865)574-7287

Mailing address
Environmental Sciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008
Oak Ridge, TN 37831

If you are sending mail by carriers other than the U.S. Postal Service, replace the "P.O. Box 2008" with "1 Bethel Valley Road."


Research Groups and Leaders

Atmospheric & Aerosol Science
Meng-Dawn Cheng
email: chengmd@ornl.gov
phone: 865-241-5918

ARM Archive
Raymond A. McCord
email: mccordra@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-7827

Bioenergy Resource & Engineering Systems
Mark E. Downing
email: downingme@ornl.gov
phone: 865-576-8140

Biological Monitoring
Mark J. Peterson
email: petersonmj@ornl.gov
phone: 865-576-3461

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
Thomas A. Boden
email: bodenta@ornl.gov
phone: 865-241-4842

Nutrient Biogeochemistry
Charles T. Garten, Jr.
email: gartenctjr@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-7355

Consequence Analysis & Management
Gregory P. Zimmerman
email: zimmermangp@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-5815

DOD Base Technical Support
Aleisa C. Bloom
email: bloomac@ornl.gov
phone: 865-241-9255

Ecosystem Simulation Science
W. Mac Post
email: postwmiii@ornl.gov
phone: 865-576-3431

Energy Analysis
Paul N. Leiby
email: leibypn@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-7720

Environmental Analysis
James W. Saulsbury
email: saulsburyjw@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-4694

Experimental Terrestrial Ecology
Richard J. Norby
email: norbyrj@ornl.gov
phone: 865-576-5261

Environmental Chemistry and Technology
Baohua Gu
email: gub1@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-7286

Field Research Center
David B. Watson
email: watsondb@ornl.gov
phone: 865-241-4749

Landscape Ecology and Regional Analysis
Virginia H. Dale
email: dalevh@ornl.gov
phone: 865-576-8043

MultiScale Energy-Environmental Systems
Thomas J. Wilbanks
email: wilbankstj@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-5515

Robin L. Graham
email: grahamrl@ornl.gov
phone: 865-576-7756

Plant Molecular Ecology
Stan D. Wullschleger
email: wullschlegsd@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-7839

Research Support
David E. Fowler
email: fowlerde@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-7300

Risk and Regulatory Analysis
C. Wilson McGinn
email: mcginncw@ornl.gov
phone: 865-576-2734

Society-Technology Interactions
Amy K. Wolfe
email: wolfeak@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-5944

Subsurface Science
Scott C. Brooks
email: brookssc@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-6398

Terrestrial Water-Carbon Cycles
Paul J. Hanson
email: hansonpj@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-5361

Toxicology and Hazard Assessment
Robert H. Ross
email: rossrh@ornl.gov
phone: 865-574-7797

Water Resources
Mark S. Bevelhimer
email: bevelhimerms@ornl.gov
phone: 865-576-0266

Revised: 01/10/07

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