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Keith L. Kline

Keith L. Kline

Global Change and Developing Countries Programs
Environmental Sciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6038
Phone: (865)574-4230
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  • M.Ed., Framingham State College, Massachusetts, 2000
  • B.Sc., School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan, 1979

Research Interests

  • Challenges faced by developing countries related to human needs, energy and environment
  • Optimizing foreign assistance and policy related to biodiversity, climate change and "sustainable" development
  • Monitoring and evaluation of programs designed to improve management of natural resources

Keith has worked in association with Oak Ridge National Laboratory since 1990 and since 1980 on the design, management and evaluation of international sustainable development programs and environmental analysis. Keith spent 22 years living in developing nations of Africa and Central and South America while working on programs to enhance human welfare and protect biodiversity through improved natural resource management. Keith served as Team Leader for a variety of USAID regional and bilateral projects, the most recent being the multi-national program for biodiversity conservation and water management in the Okavango Basin of Angola, Namibia and Botswana. Keith helped design and initiate the Central American Regional Natural Resources Management Project, the Maya Biosphere Project (Guatemala) and the Integrated River Basin Management Project in Southern Africa. Projects under his guidance have incorporated community-based forestry concessions, protected area management, and conflict resolution addressing issues related to land tenure, commercial agriculture and extractive industries such as mining and petroleum in sensitive ecological areas. Keith served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador and holds degrees from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Framingham State College, Massachusetts.

In addition to international development work, Keith has authored or co-authored reports on energy issues ranging from fuelwood and small hydro to combined heat and power and enhanced-use leasing. Recent research has focused on indicators and assessments of the sustainability of production systems, land-use change, biomass resource assessments and biofuel feedstock supply potentials around the world.


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