Biosciences Division


Yaxing Wei

Yaxing Wei

Environmental Sciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6290
Phone: (865) 241-3403
Fax: (865) 574-9500

Research Interests

Advanced geospatial data management, visualization, analysis, and delivery; Grid and collaborative computing; Large-scale distributed data integration and sharing; and Geospatial workflow modeling, execution, and management


  • Ph.D. in Safety Technology and Engineering, Dec. 2007.
    University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Hefei, Anhui, China P.R.
    Cooperation Research in George Mason University (GMU), Fairfax, VA. USA
  • B.S. in Electronic Engineering and Information Science, Jul. 2001.
    Special Class for Gifted Young (SCGY), University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China P.R.

Professional Experience

  • Post-doctoral Research Associate
    Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Lab (2008 - Present)
    • The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center (ORNL DAAC)
    • Modeling and Synthesis Thematic Data Center (MAST-DC)
    • National Hydropower Assets & Resources Assessment Project
  • Research Assistant
    George Mason University (2004-2008)
    • Integration of OGC and Grid Technologies for Earth Science Modeling and Applications. Sponsored by NASA.
    • GeoBrain (Mobilization of NASA EOS data and information through Web services and knowledge management technologies for higher-education teaching and research). Sponsored by NASA.

Selected Publications

  • Peng Yue, Liping Di, Peisheng Zhao, Wenli Yang, Genong Yu, and Yaxing Wei, Semantic Augmentations to an ebRIM Profile of Catalogue Service for the Web. In Standard-Based Data and Information Systems for Earth Observation (Liping Di and H. K. Ramapriyan eds.), p189-208, ISBN: 978-3-540-88263-3, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2009. [Online]. Available:
  • Peng Yue, Jianya Gong, Liping Di, Lianlian He, and Yaxing Wei, Integrating semantic web technologies and geospatial catalog services for geospatial information discovery and processing in cyberinfrastructure. Geoinformatica, Oct. 2009. [Online]. Available:
  • Yaxing Wei, Suresh-Kumar Santhana-Vannan, and Robert B. Cook. Discover, Visualize, and Deliver Geospatial Data through OGC Standards-based WebGIS System. In Proceeding of the 17th International Conference on Geoinformatics (Geoinformatics 2009), August 12-14, 2009, Fairfax, VA, USA.
  • Yuqi Bai, Liping Di, and Yaxing Wei. A taxonomy of geospatial services for global service discovery and interoperability. Computers & Geosciences, Vol. 35, Issue 4, 2009, p738-790.
  • Yaxing Wei, Liping Di, Guangxuan Liao, Baohua Zhao, Aijun Chen, and Yuqi Bai. Sharing of Distributed Geospatial Data through Grid Technology. In Handbook of Research on Geoinformatics (Hassan A. Karimi eds.), p222-228, ISBN: 978-1-59140-995-3, Information Science Reference, Nov. 2008.
  • Weiguo Han, Liping Di, Peisheng Zhao, Yaxing Wei, and Xiaoyan Li, Design and Implementation of GeoBrain Online Analysis System (GeOnAS). In W2GIS 2008: Volume 5373/2008, 27-36, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-89903-7_4.
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  • Liping Di, Aijun Chen, Wenli Yang, Yang Liu, Yaxing Wei, Pyrush MehrotraP, Chaumin Hu, and Dean Williams (2008). The Development of a Geospatial Data Grid by Integrating OGC Web Services with Globus-based Grid Technology. Journal of Concurrency: Practice and Experience, Vol. 20, Issue 14, 2008, p1617-1635.
  • Yaxing Wei, Liping Di, Baohua Zhao, Guangxuan Liao, and Aijun Chen. Transformation of HDF-EOS metadata from the ECS model to ISO 19115-based XML. Computers & Geosciences, Vol. 33, 2007, p238-p247.
  • Yaxing Wei, Peng Yue, Upendra Dadi, Min Min, Chengfang Hu, and Liping Di. Effective Acquisition of Geospatial Data Products in a Collaborative Grid Environment. 2006 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC2006), September 18-22, 2006, Chicago, USA.
  • Yuqi Bai, Liping Di, Aijun Chen, Yang Liu, and Yaxing Wei. Towards a Geospatial Catalogue Federation Service. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, Vol. 73, No.6, June 2007.
  • Yaxing Wei, Liping Di, Baohua Zhao, Guangxuan Liao, Aijun Chen, Yuqi Bai, and Yang Liu. The design and implementation of a Grid-enabled catalogue service. IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 2005, July 25-29, 2005, Seoul, Korea.
  • Aijun Chen, Liping Di, Yaxing Wei, Yang Liu, Yuqi Bai, Chaumin Hu, and Piyush Mehrotra. Grid-enabled Geospatial Catalogue Web Services. American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 2005, March 7-11, 2005, Baltimore, USA.
  • Beihua Cong, Guangxuan Liao, and Yaxing Wei. Application of Computational Simulation in Fire Science and Engineering Research, Journal of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering, vol 2, 2003.
  • Xishi Wang, Xiaoping Wu, Guangxuan Liao, and Yaxing Wei. Measurements of Full Field Velocity in a Water Mist Based on Digital Particle Image, Journal of Experimental Mechanics, vol.18 No.1 Mar. 2003.
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