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Sherry B. Wright

Sherry B. Wright

Global Change and Developing Countries Programs
Environmental Sciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6038
Phone: (865)574-8651
Fax: (865)576-2943

Sherry B. Wright is Coordinator of Global Change and Developing Country Programs at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and she coordinates the Research Component of CARRI. Since 1985, she has led project activities for DOE, USAID, and other agencies related to information systems, institutional partnerships, and private sector roles. Examples of project responsibilities have included serving as a core team member for a major environmental capacity and policy assistance project for USAID/Guatemala, 1990-1999; serving as U.S. Liaison Officer for the DOE-EETIC GREENTIE Program, 1996-2001; developing the web site for an internet-based decision support tool for self-assessment of climate change impacts on cities (VARA), supported by USAID, 2002-3; serving as a core team member, Sustainable Energy Project, USAID/Caribbean Regional Programs, 2002 - 2004; assistance in the development of a nine-agency Clean Energy Technology Export (CETE) initiative, 2001 - 2004; serving as a core team member for developing a GIS-based decision support system for DOE/EERE/OWIP, focused on identifying location/technology combinations where renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies are especially promising; coordinating production of Chapter 7 of IPCC Working Group II's Fourth Assessment Report, 2004-2007, and US Climate Change Science Program's Synthesis and Assessment Product 4.5 and Chapter 3 of 4.6, along with administrative assistance for 2.2. Current activities include developing internet accessible data bases on climate change impact research and adaptation research and practice for DOE's Office of Science and coordinating an ORNL internal research project on implications of relatively severe climate change for selected regions.

Awards and honors have included the "Country of the Year Award" from the IEA for the international GREENTIE program in 1996, 1998, and 1999 and a Technical Achievement Award from UT-Battelle, the managing contractor of ORNL, in 2000.