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The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) covers ~14,000 ha in eastern Tennessee. Most of the reservation is covered by mixed hardwood forest. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a large multi-program research facility, and the Y-12 plant are the two primary DOE facilities currently operating on the Reservation.

Like many military installations (Goodman 1996), the ORR is an forested island for endangered species in the midst of heavily developed residential, commercial, and agricultural land. Land management issues on the ORR are similar to those on many military installations.

Ecological models developed and tested on the ORR have been successfully applied to other facilities. For example, the cedar barrens habitat model and cerulean warbler population model were developed and first implemented for the ORR.


Goodman, S. W. 1996. Ecosystem management at the Department of Defense. Ecological Applications 6(3):706-707.

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