Abbreviated codes used to identify vegetation types in the line maps;

TrRfr = Tropical Rain Forest

Sav = Tropical Savanna

Des, TrDes = Tropical Extreme Desert

SDes, TrSDes = Tropical Semi-Desert

Grs, TrGrs = Tropical grassland

Scr, TrScr = Tropical Scrub

Wdld, TrWdld = Tropical Woodland

MedScr = Mediterranean Scrub

MedFor, Meditn Forst = Mediterranean Forest

St-Tu = Steppe-Tundra

TempFor = Cool Temperate Forest

WmTempFor = Warm Temperate Forest

Tu = Tundra

Wdld, TempWdld = Temperate Open Woodland

St = Steppe

WdSt, Pkld = Wooded Steppe, Parkland

SDes, TempSDes = Temperate Semi-Desert

TempScr = Temperate Scrub

Des, TempDes = Temperate Desert

Tg, Brl = Taiga, Boreal Forest