Tennessee landscapes

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My hillbilly hut at Olson's Farm. Winter 1997

Spring 1998

Old-style privvy (a 3-holer!) behind the hut. Fortunately, the hut has indoor plumbing nowadays.

View up the farm track to my place.

Cades Cove, a raised-altitude basin in the Smokey Mountains

Another view of Cades Cove, showing the mixed forest of the Smoky Mountains in the distance.

Typical Smoky Mountains mid-elevation forest. Note the abundant rhododendrons, and the lack of old trees due to the history of cutting up until the 1930's.

A view across one of the many large lakes in Tennessee, formed by damming the rivers for electrical power. In the foreground is Betty Olson (my landlady) on guard duty at the reconstructed Fort Loudon (an 18th-century British fort).

A view across the meadows with'winter grass' (a natural meadow grass) showing prominently.