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Conference Presentations


Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry North American 34th Annual Meeting
November 17-21, 2013, Nashville, TN

11th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant
July 28-August 2, 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland

DOE Terrestrial Ecosystem Science/Subsurface Biogeochemical Research (TES/SBR) Joint Investigators Meeting
May 14-15, 2013, Potomac, MD

American Chemical Society Spring 2013 National Meeting & Exposition
April 7-11, 2013, New Orleans, LA


Geological Society of America Annual Meeting
November 4-7, 2012, Charlotte, NC

9th International Symposium on Persistent Toxic Substances
October 23-27, 2012, Miami, FL

American Chemical Society Fall 2012 National Meeting & Exposition
August 19-23, 2012, Philadelphia, PA

American Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting
July 28-August, 1, 2012, Boston, MA

2012 Goldschmidt Conference
June 24-29, 2012, Montreal, Canada

From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology 2012
June 3-5, 2012, Knoxville, TN

DOE Subsurface Biogeochemical Research (SBR) 7th Annual Principal Investigators Meeting
April 30-May 2, 2012, Washington, DC

American Chemical Society Spring 2012 National Meeting & Exposition
March 25-29, 2012, San Diego, CA

Biophysical Society 56th Annual Meeting
February 25-29, 2012, San Diego, CA


American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
December 5-9, 2011, San Francisco, CA

10th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant
July 24-29, 2011, Halifax, Nova Scotia

5th European Conference on Neutron Scattering
July 17-22, 2011, Prague, Czeck Republic

American Society for Microbiology 111th General Meeting
May 21-24, 2011, New Orleans, LA

DOE Subsurface Biogeochemical Research (SBR) Principal Investigator Meeting
April 26-28, 2011, Washington, DC

Biophysical Society 55th Annual Meeting
March 5-9, 2011, Baltimore, MD


American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
December 13-17, 2010, San Francisco, CA

2010 Goldschmidt Conference
June 13-18, 2010, Knoxville, TN

American Society for Microbiology 110th General Meeting
May 23-27, 2010, San Diego, CA

DOE Subsurface Biogeochemical Research (SBR) Contractor-Grantee Workshop
March 29-31, 2010, Washington, DC


American Chemical Society Fall 2009 National Meeting & Exposition
August 12-20, 2009, Washington, DC

9th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant
June 7-12, 2009, Guiyang, China

American Society for Microbiology 109th General Meeting
May 17-21, 2009, Philidelphia. PA

International Conference on Neutron Scattering
May 3-7, 2009, Knoxville, TN

DOE Environmental Remediation Sciences Program 4th Annual PI Meeting
April 20-23, 2009, Lansdowne, VA

American Society of Limnology and Oceanography Aquatic Sciences Meeting
January 25-30, 2009, Nice, France


American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
December 15-19, 2008, San Francisco, CA

American Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting
May 31-June 5, 2008, Knoxville, TN

DOE Environmental Remediation Sciences Program 3rd Annual PI Meeting
April 7-9, 2008, Lansdowne, VA