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Work for the U.S. Army’s Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization

  • In accordance with international disarmament treaties, ORNL is assisting the U.S. Army with the environmental review of plans to destroy the entire U.S. inventory of lethal chemical weapons
  • ORNL has completed a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), as well as nine site-specific EISs
  • Numerous technical support studies have also been completed:
    • Engineering evaluations
    • Transportation analyses
    • Human health and ecological risk assessments
    • Air quality studies
    • Ground and surface water studies
    • Ecosystem studies (flora and fauna)
    • Socioeconomic impact studies
    • Environmental justice analyses
    • Accident and consequence analyses

For more information, contact:
Greg Zimmerman (, 865-574-5815)
Lance McCold (, 865-574-5216)

Revised: 8/16/05

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