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Work for DOE's Fossil Energy Program Office

  • Prepared a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to address the environmental consequences of widespread commercialization of successfully demonstrated technologies
  • Prepared project-specific environmental impact assessments to evaluate potential impacts associated with demonstration of projects selected by DOE for cost-shared funding, including such projects as:
    • Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority; Healy, AK
    • Southwestern Public Service; Amarillo, TX
    • ENCOAL Corp.; Gillette, WY
    • Energy International; Rawlings, WY
    • Western Energy; Colstrip, MT
    • Wisconsin Power and Light; Cassville, WI
    • Combustion Engineering; Springfield, IL
    • Pure Air; Dune Acres, IN
    • Penelec; Warren, PA
    • JEA; Jacksonville, FL
    • TOXECON; Marquette, MI
    • CONSOL Energy; Dresden, NY

For more information, contact:
Robert Miller (, 865-576-0751)

Revised: 8/22/05

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