Fact sheets in PDF format are provided for projects without web sites. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download it from the Adobe web site.

Clean-up (CU)

  • Genosensor-Based Exotoxicity Response Assessment (fact sheet)
  • Quantifying the Bioavailability of Toxic Metals in Soils (fact sheet)

Compliance (CP)

  • Development of Laser-Based Spectrometers for Measurement and Monitoring of Toxic Metals and Organic Emissions (fact sheet)

Conservation (CS)

  • Ecological Modeling for Resource Management
  • Ecological Models Support Land Use Decisions
  • Ecological Modeling and Simulation Using Error and Uncertainty Analysis Methods (fact sheet)
  • Using Remote Sensing to Detect and Monitor Change on Military Lands (fact sheet)
  • SERDP Ecosystem Management Program (SEMP) - Indicators of Ecological Change
  • SERDP Ecosystem Management Program (SEMP) - Integration Project
  • SERDP Ecosystem Management Program (SEMP) - Disturbance of Soil Organic Matter and Nitrogen Dynamics: Implications for Soil and Water Quality (fact sheet)
  • Feasibility Study: Lab-on-a-chip and In-situ Bioassay Technology for Rapid Resolution of Ion Signatures from Disturbances of Biological Significance in Streams
  • Riparian Ecosystem Management at Military Installations: Determination of Impacts and Resotration and Enhance Systems (fact sheet)
  • RSim - A Regional Simulation to Explore Impacts of Resource Use and Constraints

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Updated: September 2005