Renewable Energy Systems

A diverse team of social and natural scientists, the Renewable Energy Systems Science Group provides cross-disciplinary research and analysis on a wide variety of topics to inform decision makers and the creation of policy. While much of the work is focused on energy production and use, the group is also engaged in examining the Ethical Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) of scientific research. In addition the group supports the National Guard by undertaking in depth spatially-explicit analyses of recruiting dynamics. Energy security ( the resiliency of energy systems to shocks in prices, supplies or demands) and Bioenergy are two main focus of the group. Wind and hydro energy are also addressed. The group is noted for its unique teaming of researchers from diverse disciplines and has a long history dating back over twenty years of  partnering economists, geographers and natural scientists. Research exploring the interface of environmental, social and economic sustainability in a spatially explicit context is the hallmark of this group.