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Terrestrial Ecology

Understand and predict the dynamic behavior of ecosystems at multiple scales (molecular to watersheds)

  • Carbon Cycle and Carbon Sequestration
  • Climatic Change Experiments and Simulation
  • Landscape Ecology and Regional Studies
  • Plant Molecular Ecology
  • Bioeneregy

Major Programs and Projects

Research Staff
Baskaran, Latha
Classen, Aimee
Dale, Virginia
Efroymson, Rebecca
Garten, Chuck
Gu, Lianhong
Gunderson, Carla
Gunter, Lee
Hanson, Paul
King, Tony
Marland, Greg
Martin, Madhavi
Mulholland, Pat
Norby, Richard
Post, W. Mac
Tschaplinski, Tim
Tuskan, Jerry
West, Tris
Wullschleger, Stan

For more information, contact:
Virginia Dale - Group Leader, Landscape Ecology & Regional Analysis
Chuck Garten - Group Leader, Carbon & Nutrient Biogeochemistry
Paul Hanson - Group Leader, Terrestrial Water-Carbon Cycles
Rich Norby - Group Leader, Experimental Terrestrial Ecology
Mac Post - Group Leader, Carbon-Climate Simulation Science
Stan Wullschleger - Group Leader, Plant Molecular Ecology

Revised: 11/16/05

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