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Mobile Carbon Source Injection System (MCSIS)

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Environmental Sciences Division, S&TD Group and URS Corporation developed a Mobile Carbon Source Injection System that accomplishes Accelerated Anaerobic Biodegradation (AAB) at transects across multiple plume contours.  The system is fully contained and can be moved from location to location thus giving environmental scientist flexibility to complex environmental issues.  By utilizing the Mobile Carbon Source Injection System, the AAB system enhances the natural microbial activity that reductively dechlorinates chlorinated solvent contaminants, thereby rendering them innocuous.

The AAB system establishes hydraulic control in the chlorinated solvent target area by recirculating groundwater through plume injection/circulation transects across and or downgradient of the plume contour.


MCSIS Components

Emulsified Oil and Lactate Pumps
Variable Frequency Drives
Extraction and Injection Network
Carbon Source and Mobile Unit
Extraction and Injection Wells