Risk and Regulatory Analysis

Risk and Regulatory Analysis (RARA) scientists have recognized the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to solving environmental problems since the early 1970s.  Through the synthesis of the contributions of researchers from a range of disciplines we have been instrumental in pioneering the development of tools and methods for risk and regulatory-based decisions over the past three decades. Staff have extensive experience in many of the primary disciplines influencing risk and environmental analysis including human-health, bioterrorism, ecology, regional-scale risk analysis, informatics, computational modeling, uncertainty analysis, radiological hazard assessment and regulatory analysis. This experience has brought together unbiased scientific, engineering, economic, and social science expertise, making ORNL unique among research institutions at resolving issues associated with a safe and sustainable future. 

The Risk and Regulatory Analysis Team conducted some of the first risk assessments mandated by the Comprehensive Environmental, Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) at a federal facility. We have conducted risk and regulatory assessments on a wide range of facilities from individual release sites to a complex comprised of hundreds of hazardous waste sites. Biokinetic and dosimetry research conducted by team members provides technical support to national and international organizations responsible for radiation-protection guidance.  The radiation protection program develops methods for use in retrospective exposure assessments of both workers and members of the public in support of epidemiological studies.  A primary research focus of the team is computer based tools and systems that facilitate the environmental decision process.  Use of these systems reduces cost and provides a platform for standardizing basic environmental cleanup techniques for hazardous and radioactive waste sites.

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