Udaya Kalluri

Biosciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Telephone : (865)576-9495
Email : kalluriudayc@ornl.gov
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ORCID: 0000-0002-5963-8370

Udaya C. Kalluri

Staff Scientist

  • Ph.D., Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology, Michigan Technological University, 2003
  • M.S., Plant Sciences, University of Hyderabad, India, 1999
  • B.S., Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry, Osmania University, India, 1997

Research Interests:

  • Characterization and modeling of biological phenomenon across single cell to whole plant levels using nanotechnology, neutron sciences and computational sciences.
  • Plant imaging, analysis and modeling
  • Plant cell wall biosynthesis and remodeling
  • Genome-enabled study of carbon biosequestration genes
  • Molecular mechanism of auxin action and response

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Intellectual Property:

  • Utility patent application filed, ID 3142, GENE IMPACTING BIOMASS FORMATION AND RECALCITRANCE IN POPULUS May 2016
  • Seven Invention Disclosures (ID #s 201403408, 201403409, 201403410, 201403411, 201403412, 201403413, 201403414, “Genes A-G Impacting Biomass Properties in Populus” in Year 2014 (October).
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,815,780 Issued on 26 August 2014. Filed for U.S. patent in Year 2012. Invention 2211, DOE S-115,242, "Platform for Immobilization and Observation of Subcellular Processes.
  • Two Invention Disclosures (ID #s 201303142 and 201303146), “Genes impacting cellulose content, biomass formation and recalcitrance in Populus” in Year 2013.
  • Ten Invention Disclosures (ID #s 201102698-201102707, DOE S-124,257- S-124,266), “Genes 1- 10 impacting cell wall biosynthesis and biomass recalcitrance in Populus” in Year 2011.

Awards and Activities

  • Significant Event Award, ORNL, 2010
  • Organizer, ORNL BESD-NScD cross-Directorate Science Networking Event, July 2010.
  • Plant Biology session participant, DOE ‎Knowledgebase Systems Development Workshop, June 2010.
  • ORNL Director's R&D best poster award, Dec 2009.
  • Session Chair, ‘Cell wall Architecture and Display’, Gordon Research Conference on Cellulosomes, Cellulases and Other Carbohydrate Modifying Enzymes, July 2009.
  • Mentor, Tennessee Governors Academy, 2009
  • YWCA Tribute to Women Honoree in Science and Technology Category, Aug 2008.
  • Session Chair, ‘Wood Nanobiotechnology’, International Conference on Nanotechnology for Forest Product Industry, June 2008.
  • Co-organizer, Workshop on ‘Identification, Curation and Analysis of candidate genes for the Transformation Pipeline’, DOE BioEnergy Science Center Annual Retreat, TN, Feb 2008.
  • ORNL Director's Award for Outstanding Team Accomplishment, 2007.
  • UT-Battelle Award for Best Scientific Research Team, 2007.
  • ORNL Significant Event Award, 2007.
  • Seminar Committee member, Biological and Environmental Sciences Directorate, ORNL, 2007-present.
  • Annotator, International Brachypodium genome project, 2009 and International Poplar Genome Consortium, 2005.
  • Finishing Fellowship, 2003 and Graduate Research Scholarship, Michigan Technological University (MTU) 1999-2002.
  • Member, ASPB and IUFRO.

Research Proposals

  • DOE- Scientific Focus Area proposal on “Plant-Microbial Interfaces”, 10/09-10/12, ~$7.0 million (Co-PI). Pending.
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program, “Enabling plant systems biology investigations for carbon cycling and biosequestration research”, 10/09-10/11, $740,000 (PI).
  • DOE-GTL Bioenergy Center “BioEnergy Science Center”, 10/08-10/12, $135 million (Co-PI on efforts totaling ~ $2.8 million per year).
  • DOE Terrestrial Ecosystems Program, “Genome- Enabled Discovery of Carbon Allocation Genes in Populus”, 10/06-9/09, $4,080,000 (Co-PI).
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program, “Unraveling the regulatory and biosynthetic genes that control cellulose production in the model bioenergy crop, Populus”. 10/06-10/08, $610,000 (PI).
  • DOE/BER, “Functional Genomics Approach to Altering Crown Architecture in Populus”, 10/08-10/10, $1,040,000 (Co-PI).